Vert Shock Review April 23, 2015

Have you heard about the Vert Shock Program? It is a revolutionary method created by the professional dunker Justion Dsarlington and designed to help people improve their jumping skills and jump as high as 32 inches more!

The great thing about Vert Shock is that it is an online program so everything you need, you will find it on the online website of the program so you don’t need to buy extra books, or spend long and tiring hours at the gym.

The program has been scientifically proven and it is based on the fact that the human body has two different kinds of contracting fibers: low and fast, and if we stimulate the fast ones, the vertical jump can improve a lot.

What Ver Shock does is give you some exercises that will stimulate your fast fibers and in so doing will let you jump higher.

The method has three stages. The first one is called pre shock and there your muscles are prepared, in the second, the shock phase, the exercises will cause a shock effect on your nervous system and this will help you jump even higher, finally in the post shock stage you will learn how to make your muscles remember the learnt skills.

The three phases last just eight weeks so after that short period you will have improved your jumping height by at least 9 or 15 inches.

There is no magic here. Vert Shock is a serious program. Do you want to jump higher, buy this program now!



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